Tenryu Hamanako Railroad Co., Ltd. Tenryu Hamanako Railway 1-Day Ticket
Tenryu Hamanako Railroad Co., Ltd. Tenryu Hamanako Railway 1-Day Ticket

Unlimited rides on the Tenryu Hamanako Line for one day!
A ticket that can be used for a great deal, now available on mobile.

Unlimited rides on all Tenryu Hamanako Railroad lines for 1 day! Just show the screen of your smartphone and you can ride the "Tenryu Hamanako Railway 1-Day Ticket" now available on mobile! It also comes with a special coupon that can be used at spots along the route! The more you visit, the more you save. Enjoy the Tenhama Line to the fullest with convenient and comfortable ticket!

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Tenryu Hamanako Railway 1-Day Ticket

Tenryu Hamanako Railway 1-Day Ticket

Adult¥1,950 / Child¥980

1-Day Ticket1-Day Ticket

All Tenryu Hamanako Railway lines are unlimited to ride for 1-day, recommended for those who are active in sightseeing!

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Tenryu Hamanako Railroad Round-Trip Ticket with Fruit Park Admission Ticket

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Tenryugawa Kyoryo (Bridge)Tenryugawa Kyoryo (Bridge)
Kakegawa CastleKakegawa Castle
Kakegawa KachouenKakegawa Kachouen
Hamamatsu Fruit Park TokinosumikaHamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika

Tenryu Hamanako Railroad is a railway line that runs from Kakegawa Station through Hamamatsu City to Shinjohara Station on the west side of Lake Hamanako. A railway that is loved by the region and is called the "Tenhama Line".

Atmosphere of the station building and the trains running in the peaceful scenery are full of emotion. It is a popular route for railway fans and other tourists as it allows them to relax and spend a good time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are plenty tourist spots along the railway line that you can visit and enjoy and there is no doubt that it will liven up your stopover trip.

At Kakegawa Station, the terminus of the Tenhama Line, you can enjoy strolling around Kakegawa Castle (get off at Kakegawa Station), the first real wooden castle tower in Japan and feel the atmosphere of a castle town. A short walk from the station is the popular Kakegawa Kachouen, a theme park where you can directly interact with tropical birds and flowers in an all-weather greenhouse. In the middle of the route, there is a theme park called "Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika" (get off at Fruit Park Station), where you can enjoy fruit picking, camping, and BBQ with your family.

Tenhama Line is an emotional route where you can enjoy the original scenery of spring, summer, autumn, and winter from the train windows. Mobile ticket are very convenient for visiting tourist spots along the route! Enjoy a easy trip moving from place to place.

掛川観光情報 観光と交流の町「静岡県掛川市」Kakegawa Kachouen English Information