Nikko Kotsu Kinugawa 1-Day Pass
Nikko Kotsu Kinugawa 1-Day Pass

Fully enjoy the Kinugawa area.
Take the bus at a reasonable rates!

Nikko Kotsu Kinugawa 1-Day Pass

The more you ride, the more you save.
Bus 1-Day Pass, appeared on mobile!

Unlimited rides on Nikko Kotsu bus for one day! "Kinugawa 1-Day Pass" that you can ride simply by showing the smartphone screen! You can buy it anytime and use it quickly. Take a bus and rediscover the facination of Nikko and Kinugawa!

Kinugawa 1-Day Pass
Valid Routes
Kinugawa Onsen Eki - Nikko Edomura - Shin Takatoku Eki

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Ticket Lineup

Kinugawa 1-Day Pass

Kinugawa 1-Day Pass

Adult¥820 / Child¥410

1-Day Pass1-Day Pass

It is a convenient digital 1-Day Bus Pass that you can enjoy around the Kinugawa area.

You need an app to buy and use tickets

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Imaichi / Kinugawa 1-Day Pass

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Valid Routes

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Route annaiValid Routes PDF

Route annai

Please take a numbered ticket when you ride from the front door . When you getting off the bus, show the ticket screen (color bar screen) of your smartphone to the crew along with the numbered ticket.

Nikko Kotsu terms and conditions

Kinugawa is such a place

Kinugawa OnsenKinugawa Onsen
Kinugawa raftingKinugawa rafting
Tobu World SquareTobu World Square
Nikko Edo WonderlandNikko Edo Wonderland

Kinugawa Onsen, located in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, is a popular hot spring town alongside Hakone and Atami. Bustling with over 2 million guests a year (get off at Kinugawa Onsen Eki). At Kinugawa in front of you, you can experience the rafting where you can feel the natural beauty of the valley with your skin (get off at Kinugawa Leisure Koen mae). Nearby are museums that recreate the world's buildings and world heritage in miniature, Tobu World Square (get off at Tobu World Square En-nai), and a historical theme park that recreates the Edo period, Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura (get off at Nikko Edomura). Can be easily moved by bus. Let's go to the Kinugawa area now, where you can enjoy attractions and both adults and children can get hooked!

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