Nikko Kotsu Heikenosato <-> Mizunosato 2-Days Pass
Nikko Kotsu Heikenosato <-> Mizunosato 2-Days Pass

Convenient for getting around the Yunishigawa Onsen area.
Enjoy it at a great price by using the bus!

You can fully enjoy the Onsen town.
A pass for unlimited rides on the bus for 2 days.

The designated route of Nikko Kotsu Bus is all you can ride for 2 days! "Heikenosato <-> Mizunosato 2-Days Pass" that you can ride simply by showing the screen of your smartphone!

Heikenosato <-> Mizunosato 2-Days Pass
Valid Routes
Yunishigawa Onsen - Mizunosato Kanko Center mae

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Ticket Lineup

Heikenosato <-> Mizunosato 2-Days Pass

Heikenosato <-> Mizunosato 2-Days Pass

Adult¥500 / Child¥250

2-Days Pass2-Days Pass

Unlimited to get on and off pass for 2 days between Yunishigawa Onsen - Mizunosato Kanko Center mae

You need an app to buy and use tickets

Kinugawa Edo Wonderland Yunishigawa 2-Days Pass

Kinugawa 1-Day Pass

Imaichi / Kinugawa 1-Day Pass

Valid Routes

Route mapValid Routes PDF

Guide1.We check if it is an Nikko-Kotsu bus.2.Confirm the destination.3.Check if it is a valid section and get on!

Please take a numbered ticket when you ride from the front door . When you getting off the bus, show the ticket screen (color bar screen) of your smartphone to the crew along with the numbered ticket.

Nikko Kotsu terms and conditions

About Yunishigawa Onsen, Heikenosato and Mizunosato

Yunishigawa OnsenYunishigawa Onsen
Yunishigawa Kamakura MatsuriYunishigawa Kamakura Matsuri

Yunishigawa Onsen, which is located deeper in the mountains than Nikko / Kinugawa Onsen, is a hot spring town with abundant hot spring water, with more than 100 open-air baths throughout the Onsen area. Once upon a time, the prosperous Heike prospered as a place to hide, and it is a historical place boasting a history of more than 400 years. At Heikenosato (get off at Yunishigawa Onsen bus stop), you can enjoy the life and history of those days. Honke Bankyu (get off at Honke Bankyu Ryokan mae bus stop), a 350-year-old inn that inherits the flow of the Heike, is a 5-star inn surrounded by the beautiful mountains and clear streams of Yunishigawa Onsen. You can enjoy local dishes that feel the four seasons, such as river fish, mountain products and delicacies of wild birds, deer, bears, and salamanders. In addition, the soba noodles cultivated using the clear stream are also excellent. And the event of "Yunishigawa Kamakura Matsuri" held in February every year is also famous. The illumination of the "Mini Kamakura" is so beautiful that it is registered as a Japanese night view heritage and you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of a snow country. There are many steep mountain roads to each tourist spot, so it is easy and safe to move by bus! Enjoy the unexplored region of Nikko "Yunishigawa" with a 2-day bus pass.

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