Hachijojima Unlimited bus ride and Onsen bathing for 2 days BU・S・PA
Hachijojima Unlimited bus ride and Onsen bathing for 2 days BU・S・PA

BU・S・PA 2-Day Pass with unlimited Onsen bathing.
Let's enjoy Hachijojima at great value!

Notice from Hachijo Town

Blue Port Spa The BOON will be closed for a while.

Hachijojima Unlimited bus ride and Onsen bathing for 2 days BU・S・PA

You can get on and off as unlimited as you like, and the more you use it, the great value it is. 2 day bus pass that can be used with smartphones!

Unlimited rides on Hachijo Town Bus lines for 2 days! All-you-can-bus and unlimited Onsen bathing BU・S・PA 2-Day Pass for 2 days appeared now! More you ride and more great value! In addition, you can enter the designated Onsen facilities for 2 days. Let's enjoy Hachijojima by bus!

Ticket Lineup

BU・S・PA 2-Day Pass

BU・S・PA 2-Day Pass

Adult¥1,000 / Students (6-12)¥500

2-Day Bus Pass2-Day Bus Pass
Onsen utilization ticketOnsen utilization ticket

It is a convenient digital pass that combines a 2-day bus pass with which you can enjoy Hachijojima and a ticket with unlimited bathing to designated Onsen facilities.

* Please check before purchasing as the regular closing days and business hours of the onsen facilities are subject to change.

You need an app to buy and use tickets

Valid Routes

ルートあんないValid Routes PDF



When boarding the bus, please board from the front door. Please show the ticket screen (color bar screen) of your smartphone to the crew when boarding. The exit is the middle door.

Unlimited Onsen bathing for 2 days!

Notice from Hachijo Town

Blue Port Spa The BOON will be closed for a while.

Notice from Hachijo Town
[Municipal hot spring] About usage with infectious disease measures

Just show the screen at the following Onsen facilities.
You can use it as many times as you want.

Kashitate Mukaizato Onsen Fureai-no-yuKashitate Mukaizato Onsen Fureai-no-yu
Blue Port Spa The BOONBlue Port Spa The BOON
Nakanogo Onsen Yasuragi-no-yuNakanogo Onsen Yasuragi-no-yu
Sueyoshi Onsen Miharashi-no-yuSueyoshi Onsen Miharashi-no-yu

【1】Kashitate Mukaizato Onsen Fureai-no-yu (get off at Kashitate Onsen Iriguchi)

made from cypress trees Onsen most loved by locals and some people go every day. Mind and body are warmed up by contact with local people with high salt Onsen.

Regular holiday: Mondays
Business hours: 10:00-22:00

Official introduction website

【2】Blue Port Spa The BOON (get off at Nakada Shoten mae)

Fully equipped with sauna, cold water bath, waterfall bath. When you bathing a high salt Onsen, it is very effective for recovery from fatigue.

Regular holiday: Wednesdays
Business hours: 10:00-21:00

Official introduction website

【3】Nakanogo Onsen Yasuragi-no-yu (get off at Nakada Shoten mae)

You can relax your mind and body by immersing yourself in the colorless and transparent Onsen while watching the Hachijo blue ocean.

Regular holiday: Thursdays
Business hours: 10:00-21:00

Official introduction website

【4】Sueyoshi Onsen Miharashi-no-yu (get off at The Sueyoshi Onsen mae)

As the name suggests, it is an excellent Onsen with an ocean view. At the open-air Onsen, you can see a superb view of the coastline of island, sea and sky. At night you can see the starry sky.

Regular holiday: Tuesdays
Business hours: 10:30-21:30

Official introduction website

[About using Onsen facilities]
*Please refrain from entering a wetsuit or wet clothes (including swimwear) as this may cause inconvenience to other guests, such as when the facility gets wet or becomes dirty with sand.
*Persons using diapers are not allowed to take a bath due to hygiene management.

Hachijojima is such a place

Osaka Tunnel Observation DeckOsaka Tunnel Observation Deck
Sokodo BeachSokodo Beach
Shimazushi (Local style sushi)Shimazushi (Local style sushi)
Hachijo Fuji TrekkingHachijo Fuji Trekking

Hachijojima is 55 minutes from Haneda Airport. It is a gourd-shaped island that is almost the same size as the inside of the Yamanote Line in Tokyo, and is also the motif of the TV puppet show. The warm tropical island is visited by tourists all year round for activities. Scuba Diving in the clear sea called Hachijo Blue. Sea bathing to enjoy leisurely, Trekking to Hachijo Fuji for superb views, An Onsen overlooking the Pacific Ocean, dusk in the red world and enjoy the starry sky at night. Kihachijo (Plant-dyed silk fabric transmitted to Hachijojima) has beautiful lattice pattern and Shimazushi (Local style Sushi) and shochu (Local distilled spirits), which are unique to Hachijojima Food, drink and souvenirs. Hachijojima is a compact island that is full of fascination and always waiting for you.