Gifu Bus Hirutoku Daytime Ticket
Gifu Bus Hirutoku Daytime Ticket

Unlimited rides on designated routes of Gifu Bus.
A ticket that can be used during the daytime on weekdays.

Unlimited bus rides from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.
A ticket that you can buy on your smartphone and ride on your smartphone.

The "Hirutoku Daytime Ticket" that allows you to ride on the designated route of Gifu Bus on your smartphone is now available on mobile! You can buy it anytime, cashless and can be used it quickly. You can feel free to use it for visiting nearby sightseeing spots and daily shopping. Weekdays and daytime only! Enjoy in Gifu by using the bus smartly.

Valid Routes
Gifu Bus

Available on all Gifu bus lines, Gifu Itadori line and the Kihoku line.
However, Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Line, Rapid Aeon Mall Kakamigahara Line, Meijimura Line, Little World Monkey Park Line, Jakkoin Line, Highway Bus (Nagoya Shirakawago Line, Nagoya Gujo Hirugano Line, Gifu Takayama Line, Nagoya Seki Mino Line, Limited Express Nagoya Line, Gifu Hachiman Line, Gifu Shinjuku Line) and municipal self-operated buses (Makidani Line, Seki Itadori Line, Seki Kaminoho Line, Kaminoho Seki Shoko Line, Seki City Bus, Yamagata City Herbus, Kakamigahara Fureai Bus, Mizuho Bus, Gifu City Community Bus, Ginan-cho Community Bus) are not applicable.

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Ticket Lineup

Hirutoku Daytime Ticket

Hirutoku Daytime Ticket


Hirutoku Daytime TicketHirutoku Daytime Ticket

This ticket allows unlimited rides on designated Gifu Bus routes for one day on weekdays from 10:00-16:00.

You need an app to buy and use tickets

* This ticket is the same price for adults, children and people with disabilities. Please purchase one ticket per person. However, one infant under elementary school age accompanied by a parent or guardian is free of charge per person using this ticket.

Gifu Bus Holiday Pass

Gifu Bus 230 AREA PASS

Valid Routes

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Norikata Guide

Gifu is such a place!

Gifu CastleGifu Castle
Gifu Media CosmosGifu Media Cosmos
Gifu Great Buddha (Shoho-ji Temple)Gifu Great Buddha (Shoho-ji Temple)
Udatsu Wall Historical DistrictUdatsu Wall Historical District

Gifu is located in the center of Honshu and is centered around Gifu City where Oda Nobunaga's base for unifying the world is Gifu Castle (get off in front of the Gifu Koen Rekishi Hakubutsukan mae bus stop). Yoro Falls the sacred place of animation "Hida Furukawa" and many other sightseeing spots! Especially in the city the Nagaragawa River which is famous for cormorant fishing that catches sweetfish flows and is crowded with spectators. Gifu Media Cosmos (get off in front of Media Cosmos mae bus stop) a complex facility with a masterpiece of near future architecture is a popular place for citizens to relax. Gifu Great Buddha (Shoho-ji Temple) (get off at Gifu Koen Rekishi Hakubutsukan mae), which is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Gifu Prefecture, is counted as one of Japan's three great Buddha statues, and its gentle smile is soothing. Mino's Udatsu Wall Historical District (get off at Udatsu no Machinami Dori) where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo period is also a place where you can feel as if you were in a historical drama. And the gourmet you want to taste in the city is the prefectural fish "Ayu" (Sweetfish) from Gifu prefecture, which grew up in the clear stream of the Nagaragawa River. "Ayu no Shio-yaki" which is made by carefully grilling sweetfish with just the right amount of salt is a classic dish that makes everyone smile and everyone will say "Delicious!". Japanese sweets that imitate the shape of sweetfish are also popular. Gifu is a fun place where you can experience a sense of time travel from the Warring States Period to the near future. The bus network is well developed so traveling by bus is convenient and recommended with your phone in hand and find a great deal to visit!

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