Toyohashi Rail Road Atsumi Line Ride Pass
Toyohashi Rail Road Atsumi Line Ride Pass

Unlimited 1 day ride on Toyotetsu Atsumi Lines.

Unlimited rides on the Toyohashi Rail Road and Atsumi Line connecting the Atsumi Peninsula and Toyohashi City! "Atsumi Line 1-Day Pass" and "Atsumi Peninsula Cycle Ticket" allow you to ride just by showing the screen of your smartphone. You can buy it anytime and it's cashless payment. If you visit to Atsumi Peninsula, enjoy it with a convenient mobile ticket!

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Atsumi Line 1-Day Pass

Atsumi Line 1-Day Pass

Adult¥1,100 / Child¥550

1-Day Pass1-Day Pass

Ticket that allows you to get on and off the entire Atsumi Line for 1 day.

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Atsumi Peninsula Cycle Ticket

Atsumi Peninsula Cycle Ticket

Adult¥1,200 / Child¥650

Cycle TicketCycle Ticket

This is a great deal ticket that includes a Atsumi Line 1-Day Pass, Cycle Train 1-day Ticket and a coupon that can be used at the Roadside Station "Michi-no-Eki".

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Valid Routes

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Toyohashi Rail Road / Atsumi Line How to ride

Enjoy the Atsumi Line!

Toyohashi Rail Road / Atsumi LineToyohashi Rail Road / Atsumi Line
Cape IragoCape Irago
Irago Crystal PortIrago Crystal Port
Sante Park TaharaSante Park Tahara

Toyohashi Railway is responsible for transportation in the Toyohashi area of Aichi Prefecture. The Atsumi Line connects Shin-Toyohashi Station to Mikawa-Tahara Station in Tahara City and extends to the Atsumi Peninsula. It is a local line with a distance of 18 km and a total of 16 stations.

Atsumi Peninsula is a famous tourist destination such as Cape Irago and Koijigahama Beach which is mentioned in the poems of Shimazaki Toson, a poet representing Japan. Cape Irago is at the tip of the peninsula and you can see Kamishima in Mie Prefecture and the Shima Peninsula on the opposite shore. Agriculture is also flourishing chrysanthemums and melon are special products. Hawk migration (hawk observation site), surfing and canola flower field are famous as tourist spots and plenty tourists from all over the country.

Atsumi Cycling Road where you can cycle around the Atsumi Peninsula starting from Road Station Toyohashi is a popular spot where you can enjoy exhilarating seaside cycling along the endless coastline. It has been selected as one of the 100 best roads in Japan and the Kibiji Cycling Route (Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture and Soja City) and the Atsumi Cycling Road are the only two roads that have been selected as cycling paths. A train of Cycle Train that allows you to bring your own bicycle is in operation on the Atsumi Line so that you can fully enjoy cycling on the peninsula. If you have a mobile ticket, you can buy it in advance and get on your smartphone! It is convenient to go out for cycle touring easily.

At Cape Irago, the Irago Crystal Port, a marine and land transportation terminal connecting Toba in Mie Prefecture and the Atsumi Peninsula is crowded with tourists. In addition, the agricultural park Sante Park Tahara (about 45 minutes by Gururin Bus from Mikawa-Tahara Station) facing Ashigaike in Tahara City which is the middle point of the peninsula is a flower garden that offers free admission and popular with the locals. It also has a small zoo, athletic facilities, a market and a mini cycle course and is visited 500,000 people annually. Take a ride on the Atsumi Peninsula with your favorite bicycle and then take a ferry to Toba. Recommend route that is unique to a free-spirited bicycle trip. There are also plenty of bicycle rentals around Cape Irago and so you can enjoy a walk empty-handed. Let's enjoy Atsumi Peninsula!

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Hashittemirin Atsumi Peninsula / Cycling map