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Enjoy Toyota Pass

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1 Day Bus Pass

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"TOYOTA 1DAY PASS" which can be used just by showing with 1 Day Bus Pass and special coupons, and "ENJOY TOYOTA PASS" adding the tickets of meals and facilities, is available within a limited time! Travel around Toyota with watching sports at the stadium. Use the Bus and Let's enjoy the trip!

Valid Routes
Toyota Oiden Bus
All Routes
Meitetsu Bus
Toyota Shinai Line,Toyota Nishi Shinai Line,Toyota Higashi Shinai Line,Yanami Line,Hoshigaoka・Toyota Line(Toyotashi-Shiomi-cho・Senzoku-cho)

*Akaike Station, Miyoshi City and Toyota Suburbs are not included.

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Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays only in Sep-Oct 2019
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Adult¥1,000 / Child¥500

Usage Period:Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays only in Sep-Oct 2019
1Day Bus Pass

Enjoy Toyota City with this digital pass that includes a one-day bus pass and other special offers / coupons when presented at participating stores.

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Adult¥2,500 / Child¥2,000

Usage Period:Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays only in Sep-Oct 2019
1Day Bus Pass
Meals or Facilities
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Digital package offer including TOYOTA 1DAY PASS and restaurant and facility vouchers. Fully enjoy Toyota City with ENJOY TOYOTA PASS.

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About Toyota City!


A wonderful future starts here.

Toyota City lies among beautiful natural surroundings in Shichishuu. The city is famous for cars, but 70% of the large land area are forested, and a lot of woodlands remain unchanged and you may feel the warmth of wood. In this city, you can feel the future within the city while also feeling the wonderful, nostalgic atmosphere of the countryside. That is what makes this city so fun and interesting for people of all ages. Please take a trip to Toyota City, and try experiencing things you cannot find anywhere else. It is sure to refresh your body and soul, recharging your energy for tomorrow.

A city center where you can feel the future.

Toyota Municipal Museum of Art
Toyota Kaikan Museum
Toyota Hands-On Museum
Toyota Stadium

You will definitely want to make at least one visit to the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art (bus route 55), which was ranked second among art museums. At the Toyota Kaikan Museum (bus route 5/7) you can learn all you ever wanted to know about the history and workings of automobiles. Discover the wonders of science at the Toyota Hands-On Museum (7 minutes' walk from Toyota City Station), which features experiments and a planetarium. Toyota Stadium (bus route 5/25/26/64/65) is the place where the much-anticipated "Rugby match" will be held. It is also the home filed of Nagoya Grampas, and it is known as the greatest sports stadium in Japan. Dive into the city center and feel the future, and then you might discover something new about yourself.

Asuke reminds us of good old days.

Sanshu Asuke Yashiki
Asuke Festival

Famous as a stopping point along the historic Ina Highway, in Asuke (bus route 6/7/8/60/61) the townscape of traditional Japanese style shops remains unchanged. At Sanshu Asuke Yashiki (bus route 6/7/8/60/61) you can watch people doing traditional handiwork such as coal making, paper making, and weaving, or you can try your own hand at these activities. At the “Asuke Hachiman Shrine” you can see the “Teppou Matouchi Zuhan Gaku,” a wooden piece of art from the Edo period that appears on the cover of the shooting competition program for the Tokyo Olympics. You will not want to miss the rituals and beautiful floats at the Asuke Festival (October 12th and 13th), held at the Asuke Hachiman Shrine. It is almost like stepping back in time. If you experience the traditional culture and history there, you might reflect on your past and yourself.

Be soothed by nature in Inabu.

Mt. Oshiyama
Inabu Onsen
Donguri Workshop

In the early mornings during fall and early winter, you can come face to face with the magnificent sea of clouds at Mt. Oshiyama (bus route 7). Experience the warmth of a Japanese cypress wood bath at an inn, take an easy day trip to an open air bath via the historic roadside station, or relax your body with any of the variety of other hot springs at Inabu Onsen (bus route 7). At the Donguri Workshop (bus route 7) you can try traditional handicrafts and woodworking for yourself. Through mid September you can pick Toyota City’s famous blueberries at the popular Blueberry Lane (bus route 7). Dive headfirst into nature and experience what it is like to be free from everyday constraints. Rest your body and soul, and revitalize yourself for tomorrow.

Check out these fun options

TOYOTA CITY Travel Schedule

*This is made based on timetable of Oct 2019.

Plan1 Learn about the past and present of Toyota City! [Weekends only] Visit Toyota Kaikan Museum and Walk around Matsudairagou

Plan2 A townscape of Japanese traditional culture straight from the Edo period! Fully enjoy relaxing nature and history in Asuke

Plan3 Enjoy the beautiful nature of mountaion streams! Fun for the whole family! Explore fish traps and Sasado Onsen-

Plan4 Nature, history, and onsen. And also shopping! Spend a luxurious day at Korankei and 'Donguri no Sato Inabu'