Tosa Kuroshio Railway Gomen Nahari Line Sightseeing 1-Day Pass
Tosa Kuroshio Railway Gomen Nahari Line Sightseeing 1-Day Pass

Full of privileges and Great deal!
Enjoy Eastern Kochi Prefecture on the Gomen Nahari Line

Unlimited rides on the Tosa Kuroshio Railway "Gomen Nahari Line (Gomen - Aki - Nahari)" for 1 day! The "Gomen Nahari Line Sightseeing 1-Day Pass", which comes with a wealth of benefits, is now available on mobile. Cute characters designed by Takashi Yanase welcome you at each station, making this a must-see route for fans. Please use it for sightseeing in the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture!

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Gomen Nahari Line Sightseeing 1-Day Pass

Gomen Nahari Line Sightseeing 1-Day Pass

Adult¥1,670 / Child¥840

1-Day Pass1-Day Pass
Privilege FacilityPrivilege Facility

Gomen Nahari Line (between Gomen Station and Nahari Station) as unlimited as you like for one day and it also comes with special benefits that allow you to receive hospitality at major shops and facilities along the line. This is a very convenient ticket for walking along the railway lines, visiting tourist facilities and shopping.

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Tosa Kuroshio Railway Tosakuro Weekend 1-Day Pass

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Enjoy the Gomen Nahari Line!

Tosa Kuroshio Railway Gomen Nahari LineTosa Kuroshio Railway Gomen Nahari Line
Cape MurotoCape Muroto
Kaiyodo Space Factory NankokuKaiyodo Space Factory Nankoku
Ioki CaveIoki Cave

The Tosa Kuroshio Railway "Gomen Nahari Line" is a local line that connects Nankoku City in the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture with Nahari Town and you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and rural scenery from the train window.

In Muroto City, which once prospered as a town of "whaling", there is a sightseeing spot called "Cape Muroto" where the dynamic beauty of nature interweaves. At the nearby "Muroto Dolphin Center", you can interact with dolphins.

At "Kaiyodo Space Factory Nankoku" (get off at Gomenmachi Station), which conveys the fun of manufacturing, a large figure of Kaiyodo's whole body welcomes you! Works by Matsumura Shinobu, a famous sculptor in the world of life modeling and a huge diorama are on display. There is also a soft vinyl figure factory tour and experience menu where you can experience the manufacturing town of the Nankoku.

At "Monet’s Garden Marmottan in Kitagawa Village", you can take a stroll through the garden of Giverny, which was loved by the "Painter Of Light" Claude Monet, and the beautiful garden that reproduces the Mediterranean landscape in the nature of Kitagawa Village. Enjoy the rich nature of Kitagawa Village in every season, such as water lilies swaying on the surface of the water, wisteria trellises and rose arches.

In addition, "Ioki Cave", which is designated as a national natural monument and has a variety of ferns, is a place where you can enjoy the scenery as if you had slipped back in time tens of thousands of years ago. Because it is a natural sea cave formed by wave erosion, there are places where you can see shell fossils on the walls! Since you will be in nature, please wear clothes that are easy to walk in when taking a walk.

At "Noichi Zoological Park", you can observe and interact with lively animals. Because it is located in a spacious park, it is popular with families as it is perfect for a picnic. There is no doubt that you will be at peace with the idyllic time flowing slowly in the rich nature and the natural appearance of the animals! Stop off on the way and enjoy plenty of sightseeing and gourmet food!

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