Terms of use

Terms of use that is for using “Jorudan Mobile Ticket”. When customers use an Application (hereinafter “the Application”) provided by “Jorudan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”)” with the service of “Purchase & Use the Planned Tickets” (hereinafter “the Service”), the Company released the following “Terms of Use” (hereinafter “the Terms”). Please use the Service after agreeing to the Terms.

Article 1: Compliance with basic matters

Customers using the Service will be obliged to comply with general manners, morals, and technical rules of internet use.

Article 2: Measures against Violation of Basic Matters

When a Customer inconveniences or disadvantages a third party, forges purchase usage information, takes an action that may disrupt the services of the Company, against the Terms and so on, or takes an action that the services of the Company deems inappropriate, the use of the Service may be denied.

Article 3: Conditions of Using the Service

Only customers who have agreed to the Terms may use the Service, purchase & use the passenger tickets, admission tickets, etc.

Article 4: About the Service

Products which are introduced on The Service offered by the Company, you can purchase and use on the Application operated by the Company.

Article 5: Note on Using the Service

Products offered by the Service, including seats, hotels, other products, etc. As a result, it may not be possible to reserve due to the full occupancy or other reasons.

Article 6: User’s Accountability

In using the Service, the customer assumes the responsibility for his own actions and all conducts and results made via the customer’s purchase usage information, etc., regardless of the customer’s own actions or negligence. Also, in using the Service, if a customer inflicted damages to a third party, the customer is responsible for resolving the dispute with the third party. If a customer took any action defined the Terms and inflicted damages to the Company, the Company reserves the right to demand compensations for all damages caused by the customer.

Article 7: Cancellation & Change of Purchase

The Company shall cancel or change purchase made by customers who have purchased through the Service on the Application. However, products that have not been cancelled or modified by the product provider shall comply with the product provider's policy.

Article 8: What customer need when purchasing and using with the Service

In order to purchase and use products through the Service, customer must have an e-mail address that can receive the internet mail.

Article 9: The Information need to enter when purchasing

In using the Service and purchasing products, customer shall enter personal data correctly. Also, purchasing shall be made by the customer himself, and no proxy registration will be permitted. Customer shall pay attention to the following 1 to 5 when purchasing.
1. Name/ Furigana: Your real name. We do not accept any nickname or other information that cannot be verified.
2. Zip code/ Address: You shall register your home address where you currently live. We do not accept any purchases other than those listed below, such as office address, school address and post-office box.
3. Telephone & Mobile phone number: You shall fill in the telephone number and mobile phone number of your current home address. We do not accept any purchases other than those listed below, such as office address, school address and call center.
4. Age/ Gender: Your age and gender.
5. E-mail Address: You shall enter the e-mail address that you own.

Article 10: Disclosure of Purchase Usage Information

1. The Company will never disclose customer’s purchase, usage information to the third parties unless your consent. However, this does not apply to cases below:ly to cases below:

(1) Customer is judged to be disadvantageous to third parties, the Company can notify the third party, police or related organizations about the purchase usage information.

(2) When requested by the court or equivalent authority, the Company can disclose the purchase usage information.

2. For the purpose of improving the convenience of customers, the Company will disclose the purchase usage information to the third party after obtaining consent from the purchased, used customer on the Application and e-mail. However, the Service offered and sold to customer based on purchases usage information disclosed to third party, is subject to the conditions indicated by the third party that offers and sells.

3. We may hand over purchase usage information to a product provider for the purpose of improving the service of the product provider. In such cases, we will provide appropriately anonymized information in a form that does not identify the individual.

Article 11: Conditions of provided service and information

Regarding the content of information provided by the author other than the Service, if the copyright holder is clearly indicated, it depends on the conditions of information provided by the copyright holder.

Article 12: Change of System in the Service

The Company may change the system or change the contents of the Service without a prior notice to the customer if we or the Company deems necessary.

Article 13: Termination of the Service

The Company shall be able to cancel the Service without a prior notice in case of system maintenance or when it is determined that it is necessary to stop the Service temporarily.

Article 14: Changes to the Terms of Use

The Company may change the Terms without a prior notice. After changing the contents, only the changed contents are valid.

Article 15: Effectiveness of Terms of Use

The Terms are effective from Japanese standard time August 1, 2019.

Article 16: Instruction of the Company

When customer as a travel participant between the travel, except the free time, please follow our instructions for a safe and smooth travel.

[Revision]January 25, 2021.

Other languages hereof are made for reference, only the Japanese original shall have the effect. The governing language of this terms of use shall be Japanese.