SHIMOTSUI DENTETSU Shimotsui Loop Bus Tokohai-go 1-Day Pass
SHIMOTSUI DENTETSU Shimotsui Loop Bus Tokohai-go 1-Day Pass

Enjoy the entire Shimotsui and Kojima area in Okayama.
A reasonable bus pass is now available for mobile phones!


Due to the heavy rain, Shimotsui Loop Bus Tokohai-go is being rerouted for the time being, but a temporary service to Washuzan Observation Deck will be operated. 1-Day Pass is also available to use.

SHIMOTSUI DENTETSU Shimotsui Loop Bus Tokohai-go 1-Day Pass

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Unlimited rides on the Shimotsui Dentetsu Shimotsui Loop Bus "Tokohai-go" for one day! The "Shimotsui Loop Bus Tokohai-go 1-Day Pass" that you can ride just by showing the screen of your smartphone is now available on mobile! If you ride more and more you will get a great deal. Let's enjoy the fascination of the Shimotsui / Kojima area by bus!

Ticket Lineup

Shimotsui Loop Bus Tokohai-go 1-Day Pass

Shimotsui Loop Bus Tokohai-go 1-Day Pass

Adult¥520 / Child (6-12)¥260

1-Day Pass1-Day Pass

A convenient one-day digital pass for enjoying the Shimotsui and Kojima area.

You need an app to buy and use tickets

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Shimotsui and Kojima area is such a place!

Washuzan / Seto Ohashi BridgeWashuzan / Seto Ohashi Bridge
Brazilian Park / Washuzan HighlandBrazilian Park / Washuzan Highland
Shimotsui's Octopus CuisineShimotsui's Octopus Cuisine

Shimotsui and Kojima is located at the southern end of Kurashiki City in Okayama Prefecture and the gateway to the Seto Ohashi Bridge, Bridge that connects Shikoku. Mt. Washuzan (get off at Washuzan Dai 2 Tembodai), Japan's first national park in Shimotsui, and the view from there is spectacular! The nearby Brazilian Park / Washuzan Highland (get off at Washuzan Highland Amusement Park) has long been a popular place for citizens to relax. Kojima is the birthplace of Japanese jeans. It has attracted attention as a sacred place visited by jeans freak from all over the world, with long-established stores and museum. The octopus at Shimotsui Fishing Port is famous throughout the country. At the Kaze no Michi, maintained by the abandoned SHIMOTSUI DENTETSU CO., LTD. you can enjoy bicycling around aimlessly while feeling the gentle and pleasant breeze of the Seto Inland Sea and the "Tokohai-go" which allows you to travel with a bicycle, It's a great place to travel freely and spiritually.

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