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Unlimited rides on all Nankai Bus lines! 'NANKAIBUS 1Day Pass' that you can ride just by showing the screen of your smartphone is now available on mobile! It's a great deal if you use the bus to go to the places you care about. Let's enjoy the Sakai area of Osaka with convenient and comfortable tickets!

Valid Routes
Nankai Bus
All Nankai Bus, Nankai Wing Bus route bus lines
●This service does not apply to Highway buses, Airport Limousine buses, Midnight Express buses, Hatsuhinode buses, Governments Local related buses, routes operated jointly with other companies (Kitanoda/Tajii routes), buses with seat capacity (except for Sakai-Nanko routes), routes with special circumstances such as transportation under contract and other routes designated by Nankai Bus and Nankai Wing Bus.

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Adult¥1,050 / Child¥530

1Day Pass1Day Pass

Available on all Nankai Bus and Nankai Wing Bus routes (*Not applicable for some routes).

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Valid Routes

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Present your pass when paying the fare. Ride from the middle door of the bus (or the forward door if you board from the forward door). Please show the ticket screen (color bar screen) to the crew when paying the fare.

Sakai and Senshu areas is such a place!

Nintoku-tennou-ryou Kofun TumulusNintoku-tennou-ryou Kofun Tumulus
Tajihayahime ShrineTajihayahime Shrine
Rinku Premium OutletsRinku Premium Outlets
Big Bang Children's MuseumBig Bang Children's Museum

Sakai, located in the southern part of Osaka and a major route area for Nankai buses, has flourished as a trading and commercial city since ancient times. It is home to many ancient tombs, including the Nintoku-tennou-ryou Kofun Tumulus (get off at Sakai City Museum), one of the largest tombs in Osaka, which became the first World Heritage site in 2019.

Tajihayahime Shrine (get off at Miyayamadai Nicho), which retains the precious architectural style of the Azuchi Momoyama period and is famous for its scenery of plums, cherry blossoms, autumn leaves. Rinku Premium Outlets (get off at Nankai Wing Bus Rinku Premium Outlets) are the largest outlet in western Japan where you can easily drop in from Kansai International Airport. Temples and shrines where you can touch history, such as Nansoji Temple (get off at Yamanoguchibashi (Bridge)), which is related to Sen-no-Rikyu (1522-1591). There is Big Bang Children's Museum (get off at Izumigaoka Station (South Side)), an experience-based theme parks that overturn the image of children's halls. There are plenty spots that parents and children can enjoy, such as the hands-on agricultural park where you can directly interact with nature and animals, Harvest Hill (get off at Harvest-no-Oka)!

To the west of Sakai City on the sea side, you can visit the Sakai Rinkai Industrial Zone (get off at Sakai Rinkai Industrial Estate or Suwanomori Station for night photography), one of the best factory night view spots in the Keihanshin area and the Old Sakai Lighthouse (get off at Sakai Station South Entrance), one of Japan's oldest wooden Western-style lighthouses and a popular photo spot.

Sakai area where you can feel the future of the city while preserving history, tradition and technology. The attractive spots are spread out over the entire area, so it is recommended to take a fixed-route bus to get around. Why don't you come and see this fascinating place in Sakai?

Operates mainly in the Sakai and Senshu areas. Click here for the official website of Nankai Bus Co.LTD!