Nankai Wing Bus Inunakisan 1 Day Pass
Nankai Wing Bus Inunakisan 1 Day Pass

Unlimited rides on the Inunaki Line for 1-day !
Pass to visit Inunakisan famous landmarks

The Inunakisan 1 Day Pass a 1-day unlimited-ride pass that allows you to get around the Inunaki Line conveniently and economically, is now on sale! All you have to do is show it to the person you want to use it! Enjoy visiting spots along the line with the mobile ticket, which can be purchased anytime and anywhere!

Valid Routes
Nankai Wing Bus
It can be used for the Inunaki Line operated by the Nankai Wing Bus.

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Inunakisan 1 Day Pass

Inunakisan 1 Day Pass


1 Day Pass1 Day Pass

It can be used for the Inunaki Line operated by the Nankai Wing Bus.

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Valid Routes

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Enjoy the Inunaki Line by bus!

Gyoja no taki(Ascetic Waterfall)Gyoja no taki(Ascetic Waterfall)
Shipporyuji TempleShipporyuji Temple
Inunakisan OnsenInunakisan Onsen
Hinejinja ShrineHinejinja Shrine

Inunakisan 1 Day Pass is a recommended ticket to travel light from Izumisano and explore the Inunakisan area.

Inunakisan, which takes its name from the legend of the righteous dog that saved its master from a giant snake, is not the name of a single mountain, but the general name for the entire surrounding area under the mountain name of Shipporyuji Temple.

The hiking course is popular for its rich nature and valley beauty, which has been selected as one of the 100 best places for greenery in Osaka, and for its mysterious atmosphere. The hiking course is also dotted with seven waterfalls, known as the Seven Waterfalls.

Inunakisan Shipporyuji Temple, located in the middle of a hiking trail, is the oldest sacred site for ascetic practices in Japan, founded by Ennogyoja about 1,300 years ago. The temple was named Shipporyuji Temple after the seven major waterfalls scattered around it, including Gyoja Falls, which are compared to the seven treasures of gold, silver, etc. The temple was named Shipporyuji Temple after the seven waterfalls. Since Kobo Daishi Kukai enshrined the Seven Deities of Good Fortune at each of the seven waterfalls, it is said that once you visit this mountain, you will receive the spirit of the Seven Deities of Good Fortune and Fudo Myoo, which will increase your good fortune, making it a power spot.

Gyoja no taki (Ascetic Waterfall), one of the Seven Waterfalls, is still a place where many ascetic practitioners gather for ascetic training and can be seen being battered by the waterfalls. Inunakisan is also called Nyonin Omine, and is known as an open training site where women can also practice asceticism.

In addition, there is a famous hot spring hot spring in Osaka, where you can take a day-trip bath, and Inunakisan Onsen, healing your tired body by hiking. The quality of the spring is almost transparent in pure soda spring. There is an effect and beautiful skin effect on rheumatism, neuralgia, gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, etc., and hot springs that enter while watching the wilderness will heal your body and mind.

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Introducing the remnants of the Shugendo sacred place, the highlights of Inunakisan!