Miyazaki Kotsu Holiday Pass Nobeoka
Miyazaki Kotsu Holiday Pass Nobeoka

Mobile tickets are ¥100 (Adult/Student Discount) and ¥50 (Child) cheaper than paper tickets!
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Unlimited rides on route buses Nobeoka City suburbs for 1 day.
A ticket that can be used only on weekends and holidays.

Unlimited rides on route buses Nobeoka City on weekends and holidays only. "Holiday Pass Nobeoka" that you can ride on your smartphone is now available on mobile! You can buy it anytime and it is cashless and convenient. You can feel free to use it for sightseeing in the nearby and daily shopping. Use the bus smart and enjoy the city of Nobeoka!

Valid Routes
Miyazaki Kotsu
*Nobeoka area
Excluding express buses and limited express buses that span outside of the prefecture, Nobeoka-Miyazaki line, Miyazaki-Takachiho line, regular sightseeing buses and community buses.

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Ticket Lineup

Holiday Pass Nobeoka

Holiday Pass Nobeoka

Adult¥700 ¥600
Child¥350 ¥300

Holiday PassHoliday Pass

Unlimited rides in the Nobeoka area for 1 day on weekends and holidays only and it is a great deal ticket

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Miyazaki Kotsu All Lines 1 Day Unlimited Ride Ticket

Miyazaki Kotsu Holiday Pass Miyazaki

Miyazaki Kotsu Holiday Pass Miyakonojo

Valid Routes

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Let's enjoy the suburbs of Nobeoka City by bus!

Nobeoka Yana FishingNobeoka Yana Fishing
Saigo Takamori Syukujinato MuseumSaigo Takamori Syukujinato Museum
Mukabaki FallsMukabaki Falls
Mt. AtagoMt. Atago

Nobeoka City is one of the leading industrial cities in the northern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, located in Eastern Kyushu. It faces Hyuga Nada in the east and is surrounded by mountains in the west and is rich in nature. You can enjoy not only swimming in the sea but also climbing and hiking at Mt. Mukabaki, and there are many sightseeing spots.

Shiroyama Park (get off at Osebashi Kitazume), the site of Nobeoka Castle, which was dominated by the Naito family, has been selected as one of the "100 Best Historical Parks in Japan". Mt. Atago (get off at Atagomachi 1 Chome), which has been selected as one of the "100 Best Night Views of Japan," "Night View Heritage of Japan," and "500 Beautiful Ways to Walk in Japan," is a popular spot for couples.

In addition, Mt. Mukabaki, which is famous for Mukabaki Falls (get off at Mukabakiyama Tozanguchi), which is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan over the Mukabaki River that flows through Nobeoka City, is a place for studying Shingon esoteric Buddhism. Mukabaki Falls is a sacred place used for training by trainees in the Middle Ages. It is crowded with hikers during the holiday season.

In addition, the museum "Saigo Takamori Syukujinato Museum (get off at Hyono)", which traces the trajectory of Saigo Takamori, who gained popularity in the Taiga Drama, is a full-scale diorama that faithfully reproduces the pattern of the military congress and valuable relics and materials. It is famous as a facility that can be admired and visited by many history fans.

And, speaking of Nobeoka, "Yana Fishing" is famous all over the country. "Nobeoka Suigo Ayu Yana", which has a mechanism to catch sweetfish on the Gokase River that runs through the center of the city and fishes on a magnificent scale with a width of over 100m, is impressive! You can also enjoy a full-course meal of sweetfish grilled with salt or miso on the spot, which is a feature of autumn in Nobeoka, and tourists from all over the country visit during the fishing season.

A fixed-route bus is recommended for visiting popular spots near Nobeoka city. Holiday Pass Nobeoka, you can ride the route bus that runs near Nobeoka for one day only on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays! It's convenient and profitable to go a little far. Let's enjoy Nobeoka City by using it for weekend leisure.

Nobeoka Tourist Association | Click here to search for sightseeing spots in Nobeoka City!