Miyazaki Kotsu Holiday Pass Miyakonojo
Miyazaki Kotsu Holiday Pass Miyakonojo

Mobile tickets are ¥100 (Adult/Student Discount) and ¥50 (Child) cheaper than paper tickets!
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Unlimited rides on route buses Miyakonojo City suburbs for 1 day.
A ticket that can be used only on weekends and holidays.

Unlimited rides on route buses Miyakonojo City on weekends and holidays only. "Holiday Pass Miyakonojo" that you can ride on your smartphone is now available on mobile! You can buy it anytime and it is cashless and convenient. You can feel free to use it for sightseeing in the nearby and daily shopping. Use the bus smart and enjoy the city of Miyakonojo!

Valid Routes
Miyazaki Kotsu
*Miyakonojo area
Excluding express buses and limited express buses that span outside of the prefecture, Nobeoka-Miyazaki line, Miyazaki-Takachiho line, regular sightseeing buses and community buses.

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Ticket Lineup

Holiday Pass Miyakonojo

Holiday Pass Miyakonojo

Adult¥700 ¥600
Child¥350 ¥300

Holiday PassHoliday Pass

Unlimited rides in the Miyakonojo area for 1 day on weekends and holidays only and it is a great deal ticket

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Miyazaki Kotsu All Lines 1 Day Unlimited Ride Ticket

Miyazaki Kotsu Holiday Pass Miyazaki

Miyazaki Kotsu Holiday Pass Nobeoka

Valid Routes

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Let's enjoy the suburbs of Miyakonojo City by bus!

Miyakonojo History MuseumMiyakonojo History Museum
Takachiho RanchTakachiho Ranch
Sekinoo FallsSekinoo Falls
Shochu (Distilled Spirit)Shochu (Distilled Spirit)

Miyakonojo City is located in the southwest corner of Miyazaki Prefecture. The population is the second largest in the prefecture after Miyazaki City, and it is a major city that represents Miyazaki Prefecture. Since it is in contact with Kagoshima prefecture and was originally the Satsuma domain, the language is close to Kagoshima dialect, and many of them have a cultural feel to Satsuma.

This Miyakonojo city is the Miyakonojo basin. A place rich in nature surrounded by mountains such as the Kirishima mountain range, with the Oyodo River flowing through the center of the city. There are many recommended sightseeing spots, famous places, and popular gourmet foods.

The Miyakonojo History Museum (get off at Takeshitabashi) is a facility built on the ruins of the former "Miyakonojo" castle. It features a unique main building that imitates a castle, and is a place where you can experience valuable works of art, materials, and the history of Miyakonojo. Miyakonojo is also famous as the birthplace of the Shimazu clan, which is said to be one of the most famous families in Japan. At the Miyakonojo Shimazu Densetsukan (get off at Shimazutei Iriguchi), a huge amount of historical materials donated by the Shimazu family, which exceeds 10,000, are preserved and exhibited.

Sightseeing ranch at the foot of the Kirishima mountain range "Takachiho Ranch (transfer to Takasakikanko Bus at Kirishima Jingu and get off at Takachiho Ranch) *Takasakikanko Bus is an extra charge". This is an essential spot for sightseeing in Kirishima, where you can meet animals raised in the great outdoors, experience handcrafting, and enjoy meals and shopping.

Located on the Shonai River, a tributary of the Oyodo River, "Sekinoo Falls (get off at Sekinootaki)" is one of the 100 most famous waterfalls in Japan. A suspension bridge is built in front of the waterfall, and you can see the waterfall up close.

Kirishima is the birthplace of shochu (distilled spirit) Kirishima, which has become synonymous with sweet potato shochu. Kirishima Factory Garden (get off at Shibita), which also serves as a directly managed factory, is a theme park where you can enjoy factory tours, taste craft beer, eat, and shop. Enjoy with family and friends all day long.

A fixed-route bus is recommended for visiting popular spots near Miyakonojo city. Holiday Pass Miyakonojo, you can ride the route bus that runs near Miyakonojo for one day only on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays! It's convenient and profitable to go a little far. Let's enjoy Miyakonojo City by using it for weekend leisure.

Miyakonojo Tourism Association | Click here to search for sightseeing spots in the Miyakonojo area!