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Unlimited rides on the Konan Railway 1-Day Pass that you can ride just by showing the screen of your smartphone is now available on mobile! It's a great deal if you use the train to go to the places you care about. Enjoy Aomori / KONAN RAILWAY thoroughly with convenient and comfortable tickets!

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Konan Railway 1-Day Pass

Konan Railway 1-Day Pass

Adult¥1,000 / Child¥500

1-Day Pass1-Day Pass

Konan Railway 1-Day Pass that you can ride on and off unlimited for both the Owani Line (Owani - Chuo hirosaki) and the Konan Line (Hirosaki - Kuroishi).

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Aomori / Hirosaki is such a place!

Hirosaki Castle / Hirosaki ParkHirosaki Castle / Hirosaki Park
Hirosaki Neputa FestivalHirosaki Neputa Festival
Owani Onsen Moyashi (bean sprouts)Owani Onsen Moyashi (bean sprouts)

Located on the west side of Aomori Prefecture, "Hirosaki City" has developed as a castle town of the Hirosaki-han and is still the center of the Tsugaru region. The KONAN RAILWAY, a local line that runs in Hirosaki City is loved by the locals on two lines, the Konan Line and the Owani Line. There are many spots along the railway where you can enjoy Hirosaki and you can enjoy sightseeing unique to Tsugaru."Hirosaki Castle and Hirosaki Park" (10 minutes walk from Chuo Hirosaki Station on the Owani Line) is the most famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Tohoku where the old castle is dyed in cherry blossom colors and attracts many tourists in spring, Tsugaru-han Neputa Village (next to Hirosaki Park) where you can experience the whole Tsugaru with live performances of the Hirosaki Neputa Festival and the Tsugaru Shamisen and enjoy local cuisine. Memorial Hall of Aomori Bank (former 59th National Bank) with stunning Renaissance style architecture, former Hirosaki City Library (9 minutes walk from Chuo Hirosaki Station on the Owani Line), a park unique to Hirosaki that produces the largest amount of apples in Japan "Hirosaki City Apple Park" (get off at Hirokoshita Station on the Owani Line, about 8 minutes by taxi about 30 minutes by Konan Bus from Hirosaki Station on the Konan Line), it is worth visiting places where you can feel the romance of Tsugaru.

In addition, Owani Station, the terminus of the Owani Line, has a hot spring resort, Owani Onsen Village, which is popular among tourists. Owani Onsen Moyashi (bean sprouts), which is grown here with Onsen heat and Onsen water is a traditional Tsugaru vegetable with a delicious crispy texture.

On the other hand at Tanbo Art Station near the end of the Konan Line, you can see Tanbo Art where rice paddies are used as canvases and huge pictures are painted using different colored rice plants as paints a hot spot that has attracted attention from overseas.

Rediscover the charm of Tsugaru on the KONAN RAILWAY, the northernmost private electric railway in Japan! The experience of running through the scenery of Mt. Iwaki and the apple fields is the real pleasure of "The Local Line" where you can fully enjoy Aomori just by riding.

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