Kominato Railway 1-Day Ticket
Kominato Railway 1-Day Ticket

Unlimited rides on all Kominato Railway lines for 1 day!
The 1-Day Ticket that can be used for a great deal, now available on mobile.

Unlimited rides on the Kominato Railway! A "Kominato Railway 1-Day Ticket" that you can ride just by showing the screen of your smartphone is now available on mobile! It's a great deal if you use the railway to get to the places you care about. Let's enjoy the Chiba / Kominato Railway with convenient and comfortable tickets!

Valid Routes

Ticket Lineup

Kominato Railway 1-Day Ticket

Kominato Railway 1-Day Ticket

Adult¥2,000 / Child¥1,000

1-Day Ticket1-Day Ticket

You can enjoy the all Kominato Railway Line for fully 1 day. Those who board from Goi and get off at the station ahead of Itabu will get a better deal than the regular round-trip discount ticket.

You need an app to buy and use tickets

Kominato Railway Kazusa-Tsurumai / Takataki Excursion Ticket

Valid Routes

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Please show the ticket screen (color bar screen) to the train conductor or station staff when getting on and off.

Let's enjoy Kominato Railway!

Trolley TrainTrolley Train
Yoro ValleyYoro Valley
Lake TakatakiLake Takataki
ICHIHARA Elephant KingdomICHIHARA Elephant Kingdom

Kominato Railway is a local line that connects Goi Station in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture to Kazusa Nakano Station in Otaki Town. More than half of the stations are unmanned and the station buildings and the scenery along the line have a nostalgic feel to them. It also features a cute, retro red and cream colored train. It's a diesel railcar that doesn't require electric wires to power trains which is rare in the city, so it looks great no matter where you take a picture and it's popular with railway fans.

In addition, the Kominato Railway's specialty is the "Trolley Train" which connects observation cars without windowpanes, towed by clean diesel cars with the motif of old steam locomotives. Feel the breeze of the undeveloped woodland near populated area and you will feel as if you have gone back in time. * Please purchase a number ticket of the Trolley Train for boarding separately.

There are many spots along the railway line where you can easily enjoy the scenery of the four seasons and feel like you are in the countryside! It is crowded with many tourists. Including the Yoro Valley (get off at Yorokeikoku Station) with beautiful autumn leaves, Lake Takataki where you can enjoy glamping and boating, the zoo where you can interact with the largest number of elephants in Japan, ICHIHARA Elephant Kingdom (get off at Takataki Station), Chibanian which is the world's most valuable geological formation discovered in 2020 (get off at Tsukizaki Station), Kasamori-Kannon Temple (take the Kominato Railway Bus bound for "Mobara Station" from Kazusa Ushiku Station and get off at "Kasamori Bus Stop"), a nationally important cultural property with a promenade through the natural forest that is perfect for forest bathing are also popular. Kominato Railway's directly managed cafe space, Kominato Waiting Room and Cafe (near Goi Station) is also a hot spot where you can spend time watching the train.

Kominato Railway is swayed by nostalgic vehicles and you can enjoy an experience like a movie scene. This is a perfect route for a weekend excursion.

Introducing the charm of the area along the railway! Kominato Railway Official Website