Kitami Bus 1-Day Pass
Kitami Bus 1-Day Pass

Enjoy the Kitami area of Hokkaido.
Let's go around sightseeing spots at a great price!


For the time being, the service will operate on a "special schedule" on weekdays in the Kitami and Bihoro service areas from 2023/7/7 (Fri).
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You can get on and off as unlimited as you like and the more you use, the more you save.
Here comes the 1-Day bus pass that you can use with your smartphone!

Unlimited rides on all Hokkaido Kitami Bus routes and Kitami Municipal Bus! "Kitami Bus 1-Day Pass" that you can ride just by showing the screen of your smartphone is now available on mobile! It's a great deal if you use the bus to go to the places you care about. Enjoy Kitami with tickets that make your trip convenient and comfortable!

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Kitami Bus 1-Day Pass

Kitami Bus 1-Day Pass


1-Day Pass1-Day Pass

Enjoy a bus trip with unlimited get on and off the bus pass that can be used for Onsen, dining, sightseeing, etc.

You need an app to buy and use tickets

*If you are accompanied by a passenger of elementary school age or older, the fare for one passenger under elementary school age will be waived. The fare is limited to the same section of the journey as the accompanying passenger.
*This ticket is applicable to customers over 1 year old, but for customers under elementary school age, you can save money by paying the child fare (cash or IC) instead of the pass.

Valid Routes

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Area of use / Wide areas

Area of use / City areas

The buses you can take with the unlimited bus pass are buses of the above two companies. Please board through the middle door of the bus.※Some routes are different. Numbered tickets are not required. Please show the ticket screen to the crew when getting off.

Kitami City in Hokkaido is such a place!

Lake SaromaLake Saroma
Kitami Mint Memorial MuseumKitami Mint Memorial Museum
Aquarium of mountainAquarium of mountain

Kitami City, with a population of 120,000 is located in the northeastern part of Hokkaido and is the largest city in the Okhotsk region. It is the widest city in Hokkaido, stretching 110 km east to west from the Daisetsuzan National Park and the Sekihoku Pass to the Sea of Okhotsk and is the kitchen of Okhotsk where seafoods and wild edible plants are gathered in abundance. The third largest lake in Japan, Lake Saroma (get off at the Saromako Iriguchi), which is connected to the Sea of Okhotsk is famous for its scallops and oysters which are cultivated and sold as brand-name food. The Kitami Mint Memorial Museum (get off at Motomachi 1 Chome), just outside the city center is also popular for its handmade mint products. And the Aquarium of the Northern Lands - Aquarium of Mountain (get off at Michinoeki Onneyu Onsen) is another popular spot. It is an aquarium that shines with the skill of Mr. Nakamura a very famous expert in the industry who produced the renewal of the Enoshima Aquarium and the Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium. Kitami is also known as Yakiniku Town. Kitami has the largest number of yakiniku restaurants per capital in Hokkaido and a "Yakiniku Festival" is held every February. It is also recommended to pick it up lightly and eat around a few Yakiniku Restaurants. Kitami City is wide and has a lot to see. Buses are the best way to get around. If you take an unlimited get on and off bus pass you can save. You can enjoy a lot of souvenirs and gourmet food with the money you save. Kitami City is a city of treasures full of the nature and blessings of Okhotsk. The city is full of seasonal delights and is always full of excitement.

Kitami City Tourism Association for more information on Kitami City, click here.

Onneyu Onsen Aquarium of the Northern Lands - Aquarium of Mountain - Japan's First and World's First Aquarium

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