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Izu Kyuko Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Park & Train Ticket
Izu Kyuko Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Park & Train Ticket

Use the Park & Train Ticket for the Kawazu Cherry Blossom !
A great deal 1-day ticket for a designated section is now available.

Park your car in Izu Kogen and take the train to the venue. Izu Kyuko Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Park & Train Ticket, which allows you to ride the Izukyu train at a discount, is available only for those who use the parking lot. The coupon includes a one-day unlimited ride between Izu-Kogen Station and Izukyu-Shimoda Station, and this year, the Shimoda Ropeway can be ridden at half price!Avoid traffic jams on your way to the venue and enjoy Kawazu cherry blossoms comfortably with this ticket!

Valid Routes
Izu Kyuko
(Izu-Kogen Station - Izukyu-Shimoda Station)

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Available Period
2024/1/17 (Wed) - 3/10(sun)
Usage Period
2024/2/1 (Thu) - 3/10(sun)

Ticket Lineup

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Park & Train Ticket

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Park & Train Ticket

Adult¥1,800 / Child¥900

Parking lot usage certificateParking lot usage certificate
1-day ticket: Izu-Kogen - Izukyu-Shimoda1-day ticket: Izu-Kogen - Izukyu-Shimoda
Shimoda Ropeway discount ticketShimoda Ropeway discount ticket

A great ticket from Izu-kogen Station to Izukyu Shimoda Station. Let's go to Kawazu Cherry Blossoms and Shimoda easily by train without worrying about traffic jams! (Parking fee to be paid locally)

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Valid Routes

Tap the route map for a larger view.Please park your car in... Parking lot 5, Parking lot 3, Parking lot 2. After parking your car in the parking lot, press the "Use Ticket" button on the parking lot usage proof in the ticket to use the 1-day ticket. Route map Izu-Kogen to Izukyu-Shimoda Unlimited rides for one day! A separate fare is required between Ito and Izu-Kogen.
After parking your car at the Izu Kogen Parking Lot, press the

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Festival to enjoy with Izukyu

Kurofune trainKurofune train
Kawazu Cherry BlossomsKawazu Cherry Blossoms
Kawazu Cherry Blossoms FestivalKawazu Cherry Blossoms Festival
Hina no Tsurushi OrnamentHina no Tsurushi Ornament

Izu Kyuko, which runs along the east coast of Izu, is a sightseeing route connecting 45.7km between Ito and Izukyu-Shimoda and was opened in 1961 at the request of the local community. From the train window, you can enjoy the widely spread blue ocean, Izu Shichito Islands and the scenery of the onsen town and there are plenty onsens along the line. It has become a flower tour of sacred place throughout the four seasons.

In particular, at the Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Festival (Feb. 1, 2024-Feb. 29, 2024) held in February, about 850 cherry blossoms bloom along the Kawazu River and a total of about 8,000 cherry blossoms fill Kawazu Town. Kawazu cherry blossoms are earliest bloom in Honshu (main island of Japan) and are characterized by their large flowers and deep pink color. It is a very popular event where plenty people gather every year.

During the Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Festival, many stalls and various events are held attracting many tourists. From 18:00 to 21:00 the cherry blossom trees and other famous trees are illuminated during the Night Cherry Blossoms Light-up. The bewitching and beautiful night cherry blossoms which are different from the daytime are also a must-see.

*Please note that the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival will end on Thursday, February 29th.

Along the Izu Kyuko Line, the Hina no Tsurushi Ornament Festival is also being held at the same time in Izu Inatori, famous for its hot springs! Hina no Tsurushi Ornament is the custom of displaying dolls on both sides of the hina dan during the Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival) and has been practiced since the Edo period. This traditional festival is celebrated by decorating the hina dan with Japanese dressmaking crafted of lowering of the hanging ornament. Unusual in Japan, the Inatori area's Tsurushi Ornament Festival is one of the three major Tsurushi Ornament Festivals in Japan and attracts many tourists as a festive event with its large display of Hina dolls, tea ceremony and stalls.

The Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Festival and Hina no Tsurushi Ornament Festival are the biggest events in the area. Access to the venue is very crowded because many tourists visit every year.Izu Kyuko, which promotes park & ride, Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Park & Train Ticket, which guides you by train from Izu-kogen in front of the venue, is on sale between Izu-kogen Station and Izukyu-Shimoda Station! In addition, this year, a coupon for a half-price ride on the Shimoda Ropeway (1-minute walk from Izukyu-Shimoda Station), a famous attraction with spectacular views and a good marriage bond, is included! Buy anytime with your smartphone and ride smart. You can get off on the way! While visiting the event site, you can also enjoy the train line along the Izu Kyuko.

Enjoy a comfortable trip with Izu Kyuko using a convenient and affordable mobile ticket.

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