Iwatekenkotsu Ichinoseki Hiraizumi Oneday Bus Passport
Iwatekenkotsu Ichinoseki Hiraizumi Oneday Bus Passport

Enjoy the Iwate / Ichinoseki & Hiraizumi area.
Let's go around sightseeing spots at a great deal!

1 Day Bus Passes now on sale,
with many special offers and unlimited bus rides.
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Unlimited rides on Iwateken Kotsu Bus and local buses in the Ichinoseki / Hiraizumi area! "Ichinoseki Hiraizumi Oneday Bus Passport" that you can ride just by show the screen of your smartphone is now available on mobile! It's a great deal if you use the bus to go to the places you care about. Enjoy your trip with convenient and comfortable tickets!

Valid Routes
Iwatekenkotsu Co., Ltd.
  • Ichinoseki Maezawa Line (between Ichinoseki Eki mae and Aeon Maesawaten)
  • Mizuyama Line / Sukawa Onsen Line (between Ichinoseki Eki mae and Mizuyama)
  • Genbikei Line (between Ichinoseki Eki mae and Genbi Shogakkou Iriguchi)
  • Hiraizumi Loop Bus "Runrun"

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Sales Period
Apr. 10, 2024 (Wed) - Dec. 1 (Sun)
Usage Period
Apr. 13, 2024 (Sat) - Dec. 1 (Sun)

Ticket Lineup

Ichinoseki Hiraizumi Oneday Bus Passport

Ichinoseki Hiraizumi Oneday Bus Passport

Adult¥1,200 / Child (6-12)¥600

1-Day Pass1-Day Pass

This is a bus pass that allows unlimited rides on local buses in the Ichinoseki / Hiraizumi area for 1-Day.

You need an app to buy and use tickets

Valid Routes

Tap the route map for a larger view.

Available area

Please press "Use Ticket" before boarding the bus. Please board through the middle door of the bus. Please pickup a numbered ticket. When getting off the bus, please put the numbered ticket in the fare box and show the driver the ticket screen (color bar screen) of your smartphone.

Ichinoseki / Hiraizumi is such a place!

Tsuriyama KoenTsuriyama Koen
Chuson-ji templeChuson-ji temple
Genbikei gorgeGenbikei gorge
Zunda mochi (green soybeans rice cake)Zunda mochi (green soybeans rice cake)

Ichinoseki is the southernmost area of ​​Iwate prefecture, located between Sendai and Morioka. You can enjoy walking around the castle town around Ichinoseki Station, and beautiful nature such as Mt. Kurikoma is attractive and it is popular as a sightseeing base in the world heritage Hiraizumi and Sanriku areas. Chuson-ji Temple (get off at Chusonji), which represents the cultural heritage of Hiraizumi is a treasure trove of Heian Buddhist art where more than 3,000 national treasures and important cultural properties such as the Konjikido Golden Hall is crowded with many tourists as a power spot. Genbikei Gorge (get off at Gembikei), located south of Chusonji Temple is a valley designated as a scenic natural monument with its dynamic rock surface, emerald green water flow, and beautiful scenery of the four seasons that color the riverbank. Ichinoseki's specialty is "Mochi Cuisine" which has more than 300 types. Especially famous is the mochi confectionery "Zunda Mochi" (green soybeans rice cake). The "flying dumplings" that are offered with unique performances in Genbikei are also worth a visit. There are many mountain roads in the Ichinoseki / Hiraizumi areas are hard to get around, therefore using the bus is easy and recommended. If you go around with an unlimited ride ticket, you can enjoy it at a great deal. Enjoy history and nature with all five senses while visiting the luxurious and elegant World Heritage Sites unique to this area.

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