How to display tickets?

・ Please follow the procedure on "Activate a ticket“.

Login Error is occurred.

・Please wait for a while after displaying the “MyTicket” screen because the login process may not have been completed.

・ If you still get a login error, please close and restart the “JapanTransitPlanner” app.

・ You can not use tickets on multiple smartphone at the same time. If you have accessed the tickets menu from another device with the same account, please use it on the smartphone you accessed first .

・If it is not your help, please contact us from here, with the error code displayed when login failed.

Purchased tickets are not displayed.

・ It may take time to reflect the ticket, please wait while displaying the "My Ticket" screen .

・ If you still don't see your purchased tickets, please close and restart the “JapanTransitPlanner” app.

・If it is not your help, please contact us from here, with your ticket name purchased.

I want to use a ticket after changing the smartphone.

・If your ticket is not activated, You can transfer the ticket by login with the new smartphone.

* If you uninstall the app or change smartphone model after activate a ticket, the ticket will be invalidated.

*If your ticket is already activated, the ticket will be invalidated when change smartphone model. If you want to change smartphone, please change after using the ticket.

Can not activate a ticket

・ Each ticket has a usage period and expiry date.
You can not activate ticlket, a date other than a usage period and after expiry date.
Please check the ”usage period ” and ”expiry date” on the “My ticket”, activate a ticket on available date.

Want to refund a ticket

・Refunds are available for tickets that have not been activated(Handling fee is applicable).

・Please tap "My Page", select the ticket you want to refund, and tap "Cancel ticket“. A cancellation fee will be displayed at the time of operation. Please confirm and cancel.

・ Refunds will be processed according to the conditions of the credit card used for payment.

* After activate a ticket, you can not cancel the ticket.

Activate before the boarding date.

・ If you activate a ticket, you can not cancel the ticket and change the date of use. Please be careful when you activate a ticket.

Other question

・ Please contact us with your question and your ticket name purchased(If you purchased).

Jorudan Co.,Ltd. Mobile Ticket User Support Team


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We will respond within the time of 10: 00-17: 00 on weekdays. Please note that we may have time to reply.