Please use the latest Japan Transit Planner App. It cannot be used with older versions of the app.

How to display tickets

Purchased ticket is not reflected / does not open

  • It may take some time to reflect your ticket. Please display the "My Tickets" screen and wait for a while.
  • If you don't see your purchased ticket, press the "Sync button"sync at the top right of the ticket menu.
  • If the purchased ticket is not displayed even if you press the Sync Button, please close the "Japan Transit Planner" app and restart it.
  • If the above does not solve the problem, please log out of the "Japan Transit Planner" app and try logging in again with the same account.
    *Please make sure that you are logged in with the same account that you purchased your tickets with.
    *To logout, open Account from Menu or My Page from the top left corner.
  • If this does not solve the problem, please contact us with the name of the ticket you purchased.

Use multiple persons at the same time with a single smartphone.

  • When using the same ticket for two or more persons, select the required number of person on the ticket purchase screen and purchase at the same time (The number of tickets that can be purchased at the same time depends on the ticket).
  • When multiple people use it at the same time, it is limited to the same itinerary.
  • Tickets purchased for multiple persons cannot be distributed or transferred to the accompanying smartphone.

Displayed as login failure

  • The login process may not have been completed, so please wait for a while after displaying the "Ticket" screen.
  • If the login failure still continues to be displayed, please close the "Japan Transit Planner" app and restart it, or log out and log in again.
  • If you have accessed the "Ticket" menu from another device with the same JID, please use it on the first device you accessed.
  • If the problem is not resolved, please copy the error code that appears when login fails and contact us.

Ticket cannot be activated

  • Each ticket has an available date and expiration date.You cannot start using the service even if you start using the service on a date other than the available date or after the expiration date. Please check the "Usage period" and "Expiration date" described in "My Tickets" and start using the service on the available date.

[Android] Ticket animation does not work

  • When tickets are visually inspected by a attendant, we use an animation to prevent fraud.
    If you change the Android settings to disable animations or settings for developers, animations will not work and tickets will not be displayed.
    If you wish to use a ticket, please cancel disable animation and cancel developer options.

Cancel the ticket

  • Cancels can only be made for tickets that have not been used (Handling fee is applicable).
  • Please tap [Ticket] → [My Tickets] → select the ticket you want to cancel and tap [Cancel Ticket] to cancel the ticket. A cancellation fee will be displayed during the operation, please check before canceling.
  • Please note that each cancel will be processed according to the conditions of the payment method.
  • Cancellation fees are exempted in the event of a major suspension due to a transportation accident or disaster on the day of ticket use or a sudden closure of the facility (excluding regular holidays). Please use this form to apply for cancellation fee exemption.

*Please note that cancel are not possible after the ticket is started to be used.
*Some tickets cannot be canceled.

There is a display waiting for payment completion

  • PayPay, au PAY, UnionPay, Alipay payments are made on each payment app and payment site. Although it is displayed during the procedure, if payment is not made (payment) on the payment application site side, the waiting for payment completion will disappear after a certain period of time. The purchase itself has not been completed, no cancellation procedure is required.

Started using it before the boarding date by mistake.

  • Once a ticket has been activated, it is not possible to change the date of use or get a cancel. Please be careful when starting to use the ticket.

Delete the saved credit card information

Other inquiries

  • Please contact us from the following with the details of any questions and the name of the ticket you purchased (only if you have already purchased it).

Jorudan Co., Ltd.
Mobile Ticket User Support Team

*We accept inquiries by e-mail 24 hours a day, we will reply within the time of "10:00-17:00 on weekdays". Please note that it may take some time to reply.