ALPICO Kotsu Town Sneaker Plus 24-Hour Pass with Matsumoto Castle Admission Exchange Ticket
ALPICO Kotsu Town Sneaker Plus 24-Hour Pass with Matsumoto Castle Admission Exchange Ticket

When using Matsumoto Castle Admission Ticket, the signal may be weak in the vicinity of the entrance to the castle keep.Please press "Use Ticket" before entering the castle tower entrance.

Unlimited rides on buses running in Matsumoto City!
24-Hour Bus Pass with facility tickets

"Town Sneaker Plus 24-Hour Pass", which extends the range of use of the Town Sneaker, the Matsumoto excursion bus that runs through the center of Matsumoto City, to Onsen resorts, is now available in mobile form! You can buy it anytime and go cashless. Town Sneaker Plus 24-Hour Pass is a convenient and economical way to visit famous sightseeing spots and go shopping in the castle town of Matsumoto.

Valid Routes
Available only on 220 yen flat fare sections
◎Matsumoto City Loop Bus (Town Sneaker): North Course (Matsumoto Castle and Old Kaichi School), East Course (Nakamachi and Agatano Mori), South Course (Shonai and Aizawa Hospoital)
◎Regular bus lines: All sections of the following lines: Asama Line, Shin Asama Line (weekdays only), Utsukushigahara Onsen Line, Shindai Yokota Loop Line, Yokota Shindai Loop Line, North city line. Other lines starting from Matsumoto Station and Matsumoto Bus Terminal (200 yen section)

※Please note that regional buses (Hoshimi Line, Nakayama Line, Iriyamabe Line, etc.) and regional cooperation buses (Former Seibu Community Bus, etc.) are not available.

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Ticket Lineup

Town Sneaker Plus 24-Hour Pass with Matsumoto Castle Admission Exchange Ticket

Town Sneaker Plus 24-Hour Pass with Matsumoto Castle Admission Exchange Ticket

Adult¥1,330 / Student (12-15)¥970 / Student (6-11)¥620

24-Hour Pass24-Hour Pass
Matsumoto Castle Admission Exchange TicketMatsumoto Castle Admission Exchange Ticket
Privilege FacilityPrivilege Facility

This is a 24-hour unlimited bus ticket convenient for sightseeing in central Matsumoto City, Asama Onsen and Utsukushigahara Onsen. You can enter Matsumoto Castle smoothly with a dedicated lane!

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Valid Routes

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Enjoy Matsumoto City!

National Treasure Matsumoto CastleNational Treasure Matsumoto Castle
Matsumoto City Museum of ArtMatsumoto City Museum of Art
Matsumoto Castle Town Springs Genchi's wellMatsumoto Castle Town Springs Genchi's well
Asama OnsenAsama Onsen

Matsumoto City is located in the center of Nagano Prefecture and is the second largest city in the prefecture, having prospered as the castle town of the national treasure Matsumoto Castle since the Late Sengoku period. There are many sightseeing spots in the city, including historical buildings and old townscapes, where you can feel the vestiges of the castle town.

The symbol of Matsumoto City, "the National Treasure Matsumoto Castle" (get off at Matsumotojo/Shiyakusho mae) is the oldest existing five-story, six-story wooden castle tower in Japan. The combined construction of the castle tower for battles and the turrets built in times of peace is the only major feature of Matsumoto Castle in Japan. The surrounding area offers a great view of the Northern Alps, and the jet-black castle tower stands out against the mountain range, making it a perfect photo spot.

"Matsumoto City Museum of Art" (get off at Matsumotoshi Bijutsukan) exhibits the works of Yayoi Kusama, a world-renowned avant-garde artist from Matsumoto. The exterior of the building is wrapped in polka dots, and a giant sculpture of Yayoi Kusama welcomes visitors at the entrance of the museum. There is also a store and a café where visitors can relax and spend time.

The area from the National Treasure Matsumoto Castle to Matsumoto City Museum of Art is rich in spring water, and the spring water flows as a stream through the castle town. The spring water, which has supported the life of the castle town for a long time, has been selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan by the Ministry of the Environment as "Matsumoto Castle Town Springs", and one of the representative springs is "Genchi's Well" (get off at Hakari Shiryokan). It is also a unique way to enjoy Matsumoto to stroll while touching the water and listening to the sound of the water.

The Onsen towns of "Asama Onsen" (get off at Asama Onsen) and "Utsukushigahara Onsen" (get off at Utsukushigahara Onsen), located at the foot of the mountains, have been thriving as hot spring resorts since ancient times. Both are clear and gentle hot springs, and are loved by locals. They also have their own unique festivals, so it is recommended to visit them during the festivals.

Buses are a convenient and economical way to visit popular spots in Matsumoto! Enjoy the convenience of a mobile ticket that you can buy anytime and easily get on and off the bus by showing your smartphone.

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